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How Often Should My Business Post on Social Media?

It’s a simple question, but the answer can be a little complicated.

If you don’t maintain an active presence on your social media profiles, customers are likely to choose another business when searching for local products and services.

But, posting too often will leave your followers feeling overwhelmed and give you a negative reputation. Do this for too long and they’ll unfollow you.

Neither scenario is good for your business.

So, how often should you post? Plenty of companies have conducted studies to figure out what works best on various social platforms.

We analyzed the data in those studies to give you an idea of how often to post to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.

Generally speaking, here is how often your business should post on social media:

  • Facebook: 1 time per day or 5 times per week

  • Twitter: 3-5 times per day

  • LinkedIn: 1 time per day

  • Instagram: 1 time per day

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