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A 3-Step Guide for Getting Great Customer Reviews

Positive customer reviews are necessary to make your product stand out from the rest.

Think about it- whenever you’re shopping for something new, are you going to buy something with 1.5 star reviews?

Chances are, you wouldn’t!

But what if a product online is brand new and doesn’t yet have any reviews? You’d probably be hesitant to buy since it’s one big guessing game.

The reality is- the more positive reviews your business has, the more you’re going to sell.

People follow other people.

And when they see that other people have tried something and are satisfied, they’ll want to try it as well.

With the goal of getting positive reviews for your business, let’s break it down in 3 easy steps-

Step 1- Create a Plan

The first step is to evaluate your business model. Where can you implement a call-to-action (CTA) for getting reviews?

Take note of your business’s entire presence- which methods are you using to connect with your audience and/or customers?

For instance:

  • Website

  • Email

  • Business cards

  • Brochures

  • Social media

  • Blog

  • Coupons or promotions

Identify where there's an opportunity for you to ask your customers for reviews. Once you have a full list of the where’s-

Step 2- Research the Best Strategy

Every form of contact you have with your customers is going to have a different tone to it.

For example- when you’re interacting on social media, your tone will be friendly and light. Never pushy or salesy. You want to keep your followers, so it’s all about earning their trust here.

This differs from your customer service tone.

Suppose a customer is unhappy and wants to return something. You wouldn’t act all buddy-buddy with them and make jokes like you would on social media, would you? Your tone would be professional, empathetic, and helpful.

The same goes for when you ask your customers for reviews. It has to contextually fit.

There’s in-depth research that’s angled from a psychological view, that can help you best determine how to ask for reviews- depending on the situation.

A couple of resources to help you with your research-

Also, keep in mind that you don’t always have to ask. If customers feel like reviewing your product, sometimes all they need is a direct way to do so.

This is why so many businesses turn to Yelp. With Yelp, you can set up a reviews page for your business for free.

Step 3- Ask

Now that you know exactly where and how you’ll put your CTA’s, you can start preparing them.

For this, you’ll need some customization tools. You’ll want your call-to-actions to be well-branded and visually-appealing. This way they catch the attention of your customers, giving you a better chance of receiving more reviews.

Here are a couple of tools that can help you with this-

  • Logo Creator- every business needs a logo- for Email, social media, your website, etc. A logo follows your business everywhere, including in your review requests.

Design your logo for free at With this tool you can upload an icon of your choice and use the design features to create a unique look. The best part is, you’ll have your logo finished within minutes.

  • Free Invoice Creator- Since most reviews come after a customer has tried the product, it’s beneficial to ask for a review at the end of your invoices.

With Free Invoice Creator, you can create attractively-designed invoices customized with a review request.

  • Gimp- This is a free graphic design tool. You can use this for creating eye-catching review requests with the use of color and design.

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