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Let Us Take Care of it For You

Is it hard keeping up with social media management?
Are you having trouble keeping your message and brand out there? We offer Social Media Management for your business to take the work off your shoulders. We post frequently to your social media channels using your content or content generated for you. Posts are done in an proven proprietary rule of thirds for advertising to help build engagement and reach. We research trending hashtags and use them on all posts to increase reach. Every 30 days we send out an engagement report to you by email. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Google My Business and LinkedIn and others are all supported. 

Uplight Digital Marketing Agency provides professional social media services including custom branded graphic memes, interesting engaging articles and related content with a focus on ROI and SEO (we attract customers and use easily searchable terms and phrases) so your target demographic can find your business quickly online.

Social Media Channel Audit

A first step toward the next step you should take on your social media channels.


• Performance benchmarks
• Audience & content analysis
• Detailed insights & recommendations

Social Media Management

Everything you need to be successful on your brand’s social media channels.


  • POST




Social Ad Management

Targeted social media ads to grow your audience, engagement, traffic, and sales.


• Ad copy & creative development
• Daily monitoring & adjustments
• Reporting & recommendations

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$150 setup 1st month only

3-6 posts per week $750/month on 2 platforms: Facebook & Instagram with 3-10 shares per week, and steady increase of follows. Posts to Google Business Profile Free with SEO purchase added.


$150 setup 1st month only

2 posts per week $250/month on 2 platforms: Facebook & Instagram with 3-5 shares per week, and steady increase of follows.


LinkedIn 3-6 posts per week (+$100/mo)

Twitter  3-6 posts per week (+$100/mo)

Google My Business 3 posts per week (+$100/mo) helps SEO!

Video Samples

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What Is Social
Media Management

What is Social Media Management? – Social Media Management is the practice of managing someone's social profiles (channels). It typically involves writing, creating, and posting content for your business across channels in order to boost your business profile and keep your name on your clients mind.

Advertising Rule Of 7 – It takes 7 views of an ad brand or piece of content before it sticks in a consumers mind. That means a potential client needs to see your brand 7 time before taking the next steps.

I Can Just Post Myself? – Yes you can, but social media is very time consuming. Uplight Digital Marketing Agency is experienced in posting content for you and our goal is to use our expertise to save you that time to manage your business. A lot of business owners are quite capable of doing it, but let us handle the social media management for you so you can use that time better. Also with ever changing technology and algorithms, we are dedicated to staying up to date on what the best strategies are for your business. It can be a lot to keep up with if it isn't your passion.

I can just get my friend's teenage kid to do it. – We hear this all the time. Almost anyone can come up with content and hit post. The key is are they doing it right? Did they post it at the proper time? Can they give you good A/B testing to make sure it is hitting the right targets? Are they monitoring engagement? These are just some of the questions you need to monitor in your Social Media Management. Additionally these people lose interest and don't keep up with the task very long. 

How does posting help my business? – Posting on social media, is important and it provides many positives for your business. First-off Social Media (social media management) is the primary way consumers find information these days. The days of the yellow pages are long gone. Print ads are highly ineffective, and social media by comparison is very affordable for organic posting (vs. paid ads) By posting numerous times a week it increases the likelihood of a customer remembering your post or spreading the word about it (Rule of 7). Posting on social media provides ‘social signals’ which help boost your web page ranking on Google and Bing. And because social media is where the people already are, it is the best and most affordable way to engage your customer these days.

How do you post? – Uplight Digital Marketing Agency typically uses the our proprietary rule of thirds for posting. This is a common rule that helps clients stay engaged with your content. 1/3 of the content we post is happy/interesting/fun: articles, quotes, funny pics, and holidays (Ice Cream Day). The next 1/3 is informative/educational. Now, in the Information Age, consumers are savvy. They seek information before making a buying decision. Making this information readily available leads that consumer directly to you. The last 1/3 of the content is Sales/Advertising to promote offers and offerings. Over-selling in social media is a strict no-no! If you are constantly just shoving your product in your customers face, they will tune out, possibly even stop following your channel or block you from the feed. Unfollows and feed block are terrible and almost impossible to recover. You need to balance it so customers find your channel funny, informative, and also offers interesting products they desire to give the an overall good feeling about your brand.

How do you come up with posts? – All of our content that we use for your social channels is crafted by us using fully licensed images and text that is legal to use for your business. Taking items from things you find on Google isn’t legal, most of that content is copyrighted. We guarantee that what we post is custom and legal for your business.

How do you know when to post? – Uplight Digital Marketing Agency's Social Media Management uses special AI tools to monitor social media channels in your designated region. We determine the best times to post based on when it is most likely users are using the platform your channel is on. This means if most people come on at 8pm then we try and post around 8pm in order to get best engagement.

How do you know what #HASHTAGS to use? – Hashtags are like little search engine categories for social media. We also use our AI tool to determine which HASHTAGS are trending that day as related to the subject matter of your post that day. We will use these hashtags that are trending in order to drive more users to your post because the hashtags are more popular for that content. More hashtags isn’t better, and using the same hashtags over and over is not suggested.





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